About me

It all started many years ago when I moved from Graubünden (the mountain part of Switzerland) to Zurich as a young woman. For my new apartment I wanted “real paintings” and not posters. Unfortunately, I didn’t really find what I was looking for. At least not when it came to my budget at the time. So I decided to create my own paintings for my new apartment. Thank goodness my mom gave me artistic talent from the cradle and so I attended various painting courses in order to get a foundation.

At the beginning I was very interested in abstract art. Pop-Art and Collage-Art came later. I have taught myself this style over the years and have continuously developed it. To my great joy, the demand grew and so I did quit my job in HR at a private bank and started my own business as a Pop-Art and Collage-Artist in 2004.

In July 2004 I opened my own gallery called Mauerbluemchen (Wallflower) at the Froschaugasse 8 in Zurich’s Niederdorf. It was a beautiful shop in a protected old town house and there I sold my paintings as well as accessories and lamps made of Murano glass. It’s been a wonderful and successful 10 years.

However, another dream I had in my mind for years. The dream of an idyllic farm in the countryside with animals, where I can have my art studio and create paintings.

In June 2015 the time had come. We moved to the very enchanting Emmental on a small, pretty farm with 2 hectares of land. My husband Robert and I keep 7 sheep, 3 ducks, 4 chickens and lately also an Beehive. And of course our beloved Labrador dog Bella also belongs to the family. We love it very much here in the Emmental on our farm. In spring, when the crickets start to chirp on our meadows, then I’m in seventh heaven.

Since June 2021 we were allowed to realize an other dream. We have loved Lake Como for many many years and have regularly spent our vacations there. Now we can call a great cottage with lake view our own, where I also regularly work on paintings, but mainly digital.

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