Living my dream and very grateful about it! I have been a full-time Pop-Art-Artist since 2004. My art studio is located in the enchanting Emmental Valley.

My art is a mixture of Photo- and Collage-Art and Acrylic Mixed Media. This technique involves layering different photos on top of each other and adding patterns, colors and textures to them. My paintings live not only from the motifs and bright colors, but also from splashes, drops and sprinkels, which makes each artwork unique.

Check “News & Projects” on a regular basis. There you will see all my newest creations.

Most of the original paintings on my website have already been sold and serve as impression and inspiration images. I am specialized primarily in customized and commissioned artwork and I am pleased to create an unique painting for you as well.

Would you like to see my artworks “live”? In the following galleries you will find permanently exhibited paintings of mine. Please feel free to stop by.

I hope you are enjoying browsing through my website. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or information.

Marion Duschletta

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