Thanks for the great Feedback :-)


So nice when I also hear from dear customers who buy paintings from me in galleries 🥰 Thank you also warmly to the Kunstwarenhaus in Zurich 😀
“I feel the need to write to you and congratulate you on your wonderful artwork. I am a big fan and since this week proud and happy owner of one of your Zurich collages! Now I am already saving up for another one of your artworks. I have not only fallen in love with your Zuri pictures, but I am also a big Audrey Hepburn fan and would love to have a picture of her from your collection. For now, however, I look forward to “my” Zuribild every day and discover new details every day that have great significance in my life.” Thank you very much dear S. You made my day 🥰 Zurich collage in the format 80 x 120 cm on canvas

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